Saturday, 24 July 2010

SYW Set Battle Ongoing........Part One

The Mongeham Militia on parade ! Left to right Rob, Me, Mike and Mike.
(Combined we four have over 200 years of playing and painting toy/model soldiers scary ! :)

We play on an 8ft x 20ft table using 2ft Hex terrain boards . Before anyone says that's to wide, go grab the aerobic step that nobody uses anymore and you have an instant fire step giving you access to the middle of the table :)

Gott Mit Uns

Austrian Chums of the French

Oh i just remembered i have a dental appointment ............

Initial march on positions

Top middle Prussian attack launches

French allied center

Table overview


  1. Reich Duke Wilhelm von Beerstein was heard to say, "Very impressive indeed."

  2. That's the style Old Bean. I like those big battalions, and do I count 4 flags with every battalion? Wow. (what size are your btns?)

    We are impressed.



  3. In answer to some of your questions Fritz

    The venue of our war gaming is in the stable area of the coach house belonging to my home which is a Georgian listed House built in its present form mid 18th century. On the photos you can see the wooden stalls we left in-place on the brick walls the building has two further rooms but extending the table would have meant taking the brick walls out :(

    The cabinets on the walls along the length of the table were purpose made to fit around the space available also to give the max storage space at eye height for painted figures

    The rules for nearly all the periods we play have a common root. To attempt to explain .... The SYW rules we use will always be a work in progress as we discover more about each army and troop types we amend their rule sheets .

    If your an Austrian commander you get movement, moral, troop quality based on Austrian sources available ie: boundaries , these effect the core charts in so far as your Austrian in the SYW and you can command as you like however don't expect your troops too as well :)

    This we know is nothing new however we are harder on historical facts to max the experience of an 18th century commander.

    The ratio is at 20:1 you can fight at a battalion of 30 figures or combine two from the same regiment or historical formation ie Grenadiers to form a regimental command. ( people are not dumb if they can combine they do lol )

    The nest of Flags are inspired by the paintings of the era showing * standards to the center and rear !* during action to keep them safe .

    Cavalry sqns are also combined to fight as regimental wings or can chose to fight in smaller formations based on Historical information available. Size 6-10 when combined 12-20

    Basing close order inf 25-28mm figures will always be a huge pain 15mm frontage is to small for modern scale creep figures, 20mm can make it look like open order formations.

    Atm we favor 50mm frontage for 3 figures and 45mm depth for two ranks this allows for space in front for overhang and to add better basing features.

    I will be happy to answer in more detail any further questions.

    The idea of this blog was to add another aspect to our war gaming group making us reexamine things we take for granted. This can only improve for us the enjoyment of our hobby.

    Cheers Agincourt

  4. Great stuff! Even the bases match the ground ...

    How did you paint the fields? The are floor mats right?

  5. Thanks for your comments:)

    Your right most fields we use are cut down door mats they take spray paint easily so any matt paint works.We also use immitation grass like astro turf to add contrast.

    The pluses to them is they can take any weight and if left on hills adapt to the hills form because the rubber base changes shape easily .

    Allthough you cant see any in the pics you can distress them easily too (I wonder what a 12 bore shotgun at 15 yards will do to one lol )

  6. Fantastic figures and table layout! The troops at ColCampbell's Barracks are envious.